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Befefits of doing business with Tholo Group

We utilize the expertise of our NATIONAL NETWORK of Health and Safety and Security specialists, who ensure that our service is only beaten by our dedication to customer service. – This means that we not only have knowledge of the Various Provincial Standards and Local Surroundings, but we are utilising staff and contractors that are comfortable with the surroundings, culture and have in depth knowledge of the requirements by  the different Routes, Local Departments and Emergency Services etc.

We have received our B-BBEE Procurement Recognition level of compliance of 100%. The accreditation is in accordance with the Code of Good Practice issued in terms of section 9(1) of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act, 2003 (Act 53 of 2003). Our clients also benefit from this accreditation – 100% of your expenditure with THOLO GROUP OF COMPANIES will count towards your procurement requirements.

We have received our VAT REGISTRAION. Our clients surely benefit from this certification – 14% of your incl. VAT expenditure with THOLO GROUP OF COMPANIES will count towards your deductable expense requirements.

We have a current LETTER OF GOOD STANDING. Our clients also benefit from this accreditation – This is a MINIMUM requirement for any service provider at events to be in Good Standing with the Workman’s Compensation Commission of South Africa, that also mean that our registrations at SARS are verified and compliance ensured on annually.

We have current PUBLIC LIABILITY – that is not only a MINIMUM requirement for service providers, but also gives you peace of mind that we WILL provide the required information with confidence and diligence.

Registration at PRIVATE SECURITY REGULATORY AUTHORITY (PSIRA) and utilising Expert Security Staff – This registration gives the clients peace of mind that the officers not only adhere to the highest requirements, but also abide with the rules set out by the Authority to secure clients this applies to all South African Laws and Immigration Regulations (should they need to travel out of SA borders) too.

Not only are we as a Group of Companies registered at the PRIVATE SECURITY REGULATORY AUTHORITY (PSIRA), also the contractors (when required) and or staff “pool” have all been professionally trained and are registered with PSIRA , this means that they comply with the minimum requirements to be a Private Security Officer in South Africa. The number of officers that we have available to deploy, depends on the number required. You have the assurance that we prefer to make use only of guys that we have seen under pressure and one of our coordinators has spent some time with them to ensure quality of service that they can supply.

EXPERIENCE & IN DEPTH KNOWLEDGE – Tholo Group of Companies has a background of over 13 years in VIP Security, Static Security, Health & Safety and Special Event Security. Knowledge is POWER and there is no Substitute for Experience and Good client relationships.

Originally founded on the need for a higher standard in the industry and the promise of providing quality services, Tholo Group of Companies has become a preferred service provider in South Africa, and we believe that we are a leader in the industry.



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