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Static Security

  1.                Security Officers (Guards)
  2.                Patrol Officers
  3.                Entrance Access Control
  4.                24 Hour Security Assignments
  5.                Guard Monitoring

In a modern-day society where crime is ever on the increase and Police resources are stretched to the limits the Police Service in general cannot afford the time (in their limited budgets) to properly investigate crimes committed in and around the workplace or to regularly patrol the property of individuals or Companies. With the exception of very serious cases, internal crime within a Company is very often not regarded as a Police matter and is left with the Company’s management to sort out and rectify.

As management is expected to be responsible for securing and protecting its own premises this responsibility could be delegated to the Security Company/Officer in many areas which could save the Company thousands Rands in both the short and long term.

Our Security Officers on most assignments are the first point of contact for the majority of persons entering the Clients place of business. It could be a visiting Chairman (the Client) or a potential Customer of the Client; in all circumstances our Security Officers are more than aware that they represent the image and business interests of our Clients.

The security officer prevents crimes by being visible in the determined area, observing and making unscheduled external inspections and reporting on events.

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