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Health & Safety and Disaster Management

  1.       Occupational Health & Safety
  2.       Health & Safety Auditing
  3.       Health & Safety Plan
  4.       Disaster Management Plan
  5.       Event Medical Assistance
  6.       Arrangement of Informal training

If you think health and safety isn’t important at your event, think again. The Department of Labour and Municipal Events Departments are clamping down and doing more event and workplace inspections. Are you sure your event and or workplace would pass a health and safety inspection?

Are you prepared to have your event shut down for non-compliance?

Do you make these mistakes?

You think because you utilise trained contractors, they are following your health and safety procedures… 88% of accidents are caused by unsafe acts of workers.

Productivity is more important than health and safety…. The insured cost to uninsured cost ratio is R1: R53 per incident. How much profit do you need to make to absorb an uninsured incident cost of R53 million?

We have a solution to all of your health and safety problems. We are going to give you straight forward actionable advice to solve all of your health and safety worries.


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